National Service


National Service (NS) is an opportunity for all male Singaporean citizens as well as second generation PRs to serve in the uniformed services upon reaching the age of 18, for a span of two years. Historically, it was instituted as a means of enhancing the peace and security of our nation through deterrence and diplomacy, which has now expanded to encompass law enforcement and first responders(fire fighters and paramedics) as well. 

Upon enlistment, recruits undergo Basic Military Training(BMT) following which they are posted to various units under the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force. Recruits or trainees who are recognised for exceptional performance may also be posted to the Officer Cadet School (OCS) or Specialist Cadet School (SCS) where they undergo further training to be able to lead men within sections and platoons. Upon completing two years of national service, enlistees transit to being operationally-ready(ORD) national servicemen(NSmen). At this stage, they continue to serve by being called up for annual trainings and ready for deployment whenever the need arises
for the safety and peace of the nation.

The rewards and opportunities for growth and personal development of NS servicemen is enormous. Approaching NS with a positive mindset and using it as an opportunity to gain valuable life experience is an important aspect of serving NS.