Admission Procedure

We encourage you to make an appointment with the admin office before you visit the school for admission.

  • The school follows Indian CBSE and CAIE curriculum.
  • The academic year for all courses commences in April and ends in March.
  • Admissions are open throughout the year, subject to availability.

Steps involved in the process for enrolment

Step I

Admission Criteria

  1. Valid Visa – DP/PR/SP/LTVP/Citizens (in accordance with Singapore Law)
  2. Age criteria
  3. Eligible entry level qualification
  4. Acceptable score in the Aptitude Test (Optional)

Step II

Pre-course counselling Click here

Step III

Complete the Application and submit with relevant documents given below:

  1. Annexure Form (till Class 2)
  2. Immunization Form
  3. Pre-Counselling Form
  4. GIRO Form
  5. Transport Form (If applicable)
  6. ECA Form (If applicable)
  7. Declaration Form (if applicable)
  8. Undertaking letter


  1. Copy of :
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Passport
    3. IC / Re-entry permit (Parent & Child)
  2. Transfer Certificate (TC) in Original
  3. Previous Class Progress Report
  4. Immunisation Record
  5. Photograph - Passport size – 2 nos
  6. A copy of Verification of Vaccination Requirements. (Foreign born children aged 12 years and below) applicable from Feb 1, 2019
    • Original documents must be produced for verification.

Step IV

Admission will depend on the following:

  1. Combined results of the admission criteria
  2. Transfer Certificate (TC)
  3. Previous Class Progress Report
  4. Long Term Visit Pass & Foreign Students, the School does the registration of new students’ Application with the ICA
  5. The “Registration Acknowledgement” from ICA will be given to the parent personally to complete the rest of ICA formalities.
  6. On receipt of student pass, parent can proceed with the admission
  7. Principal reserves the right to all admissions

Step V

Complete and sign the following in duplicate:

  1. Advisory Note: For a sample please click here
  2. Student Contract: For a sample please click here
  3. Declaration letter (if applicable)
    • Upon signing the above mentioned documents, proceed for payment. (1st instalment through Cash/Nets, subsequently through GIRO)
    • The FPS certificate and the receipts for payments made will also be updated on the student portal.

Step VI

The school will provide the following documents:

  1. Student acceptance letter
  2. Study Materials
  3. Uniform details
  4. Advisory Note and Student Contract
  5. Academic Planner
  6. Student Handbook
    You will also receive information on:
    • The commencement dates
    • Class & House
    • School transport facilities (if availing).
    • Student Portal details.