YBIS in the way of nature

Students of YBIS are guided in the path to understand and conserve nature. Students are involved in projects and activities in lieu with N Park’s attempt to maintain Singapore as a garden city. The butterfly garden at our school serves as evidence to our students love for nature.

YBIS in the way of nature

Collaboration with local schools

YBIS is in close association with neighbouring Jurong Secondary School and Yishun Town Secondary School. Celebration of Chinese New year, Friendship day, racial harmony day together has strengthened our mutual relationship. YBIS takes all effort to build up an understanding with the students of our buddy schools, share knowledge and rejoice in harmony. Mutual visits at frequent intervals have helped students to grow and live in harmony.

Collaboration with local schools

Community Activities

YBIS believes in nurturing responsible global citizens, encourages and facilitates them to be a part of community service activities. This helps students to empathize with other members of community and respect them.

Community Activities

Active Learning Pedagogies

Enquiry based learning Initiating inquiry in students by encouraging them to find resources and develop research skills Project Based learning Enabling students to gain deep understanding of the concepts and potentially allow them to solve problems. Problem based learning Providing guidance in place of solutions, facilitate them to find solutions. Thematic learning Designing themes by integrating concepts of existing curricula and learning through discussions, role plays and group activities.

Active Learning Pedagogies


Montessori principle of learning through discovery is facilitated at YBIS with a classroom housed with the entire range of Montessori materials enabling the children to have hands-on experience with the materials.



YBIS Kindergarten pursues play way approach with emphasis on classroom interaction and practical activities.

Educational Activities

Field Trips:form an important learning tool to acquire knowledge beyond the horizons of the classroom. YBIS makes visits to Science Centre, Singapore at regular intervals, to ignite young minds and capture the evolution of scientific developments.

Results of Intra School Tamil Language competitions (January 2017-2018)


Tamil  Poem Recitation Competition

S No. Class Name of the participant Position
1 1C Sivabalan Daksha First
2   Ananth Nivashini Second
3   Pinto Rodrigo Alena Keyne Third
4 1D Meppayil Srisha First
5   Arun Achyuth Second
6   Karthikeyan Preethi Anantiyaa second
7 1E Pratheep Aventi First
8   Mohamed Hussain Siddique Fawzana second
9   Singaram Varun Muthaiya Third
10 1G Sivasadhana Siva Ganesh First
11   Vasan Lakshana Second
12   Dhanabalan Durgayashini Third


Tamil Poem Recitation Competition 

S No. Class Name of the participant Position
13 2A Gowri Sankar Devasenabathe First
14 Krishnaraj Nitish Second
15 Ashok Kumar Anush Third
16 2B Santhosh Nithya Darshan First
17 Syed Haja Mohideen Abdul Hameed Second
18 Muthukumar Vikkash Balaji Second


Thirukural Recitation

S No. Class Name of the participant Position
19 3D Hitesh Venugopal Sumathi First
20 Ganesan Yazhini Second
21 Raman Saravanan Second
22 3E Dilli Babu Sahana First
23 Rama Subramaniyan Charan kumar Second
24 Suresh Kumar Karthika Third
25 4A Arun Kumar Vikash Kumar First
26 Ilamaran Adithya Maran Second
27 Saravana Kumar Mirunalini Third
28 4B Sanjeevitha Kannan First
29 Naveenkumar Lathika Second
30 Sadhana Ramkumar Third


Tamil Oratorical Competition

S No. Class Name of the participant Position
31 5A Narayanan Padmavathi First
32 Subramanian Rohith Second
33 Bargavan Joshna Rhea Third

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